14 March 2011


So, in light of the disasters which have befallen Japan over the past several days, and in light of all the zombie apocalypse-related posts on Facebook recently, I made a connection. Clearly, when the world is supposed to end on 21 December, 2012, either nothing is going to happen at all, or it's going to be a zombie apocalypse. My thinking is that, if the third core (which is said to be the most dangerous) goes, the radiation it releases will exacerbate certain viruses and cause mutations that will result in a fairly substantial segment of the population developing zombie-like behavior, and of course these viruses will be highly infectious. So, to all you non-believers out there, the zombie apocalypse is in its beginning stages, potentially. And if it happens, I'll be ready.

Of course, I could be totally wrong, and either Godzilla will rise up out of the ocean and smash Tokyo into the ground thanks to the imminent explosion waking him up, or the scientists are going to contain it and nothing will happen at all. Here's hoping for that last thing, but for me the hardest part of a zombie apocalypse would pretending its not awesome, so I guess I wouldn't be too upset if either of the first two happened. Though Godzilla stomping on my house would certainly put a damper on my day. Either way, keep watching the news for developments, and if your neighbors suddenly lose their social skills and develop a taste for the contents of your skull, don't forget to double-tap.

13 March 2011

First post!

So I figured I'd start one of these blog things, just because it seems like all the cool kids in my little corner of the interwebs are doing it. And, since I literally just noticed my clock leap ahead by an hour on my computer, I'll spend a bit of time ranting about daylight savings time. I understand, sort of, why they do it, but losing an hour of sleep sucks. And only certain parts of the world observe it. So does that mean some of the world truly loses an hour every year, forever? I'd like to find the pocket dimension where all this lost time is being kept and use the two weeks or so of accumulated hours to my advantage... It'd come in real handy for completing assignments on time. And I'd never be late to work again! I'd just use a few extra minutes at a time, whenever I needed them. But I'm sure violating causality that severely would have some serious existential backlash, and I'd probably wind up with a second head, or something equally alarming.

Anyway, putting that frightening thought away for the moment, I have, as of late, fallen in with an absolutely deplorable motley of wretched, debaucherous creatures more commonly known as actors. Of course, I mean this in the best way possible. These fine, upstanding people have allowed me to explore a creative avenue I would never have thought to travel, and I am forever grateful. Assuming I can get my counterpart and cowriter, Lucas, off his lazy arse to start writing, we will be taking up residence within the eventual studio/theatre/thing that Storefront Shakespeare will be (hopefully soon) taking up residence in. This, of course, is also reliant upon my good friend Lucas. Or should have been, anyway. And now, since it is entirely too late, I leave you (all three of you who will for sure read this, at least) with this:
I make no apologies for my impulsive linking of obscure songs about mad scientists, nor do I have any regrets.

Good night.